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Voices of Transformation

Dive into the heartfelt testimonials of my clients. Their stories of growth, transformation, and success capture the essence of our shared journey.

From Uncertainty to Empowered Strength with Jan

"I had the pleasure of being a participant in a Session with Jan. Initially, I was hesitant because I had received some unexpected news that left me feeling very unsettled. Jan’s signature file says, 'Sending You Joy' and intuitively, I knew that I needed this and so I participated. In the space of an hour and with the guidance of Jan’s gracious leadership and skillful suggestions and using the practices of PSYCH-k® she was able to assist me as I created my word and power statement. This experience was true and valuable and to have this integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit as I have journeyed through my life the past week has been essential and has provided such strength. Thank-you Jan."

Megan M. South Hadley, Ma

Empowered by Simplicity, My Transformative Journey with PSYCH-K®

"PSYCH-k® has been such a great support tool at the recent critical moments in my life. With the PSYCH-k® work and the amazing support of Jan Jones, it’s a win- win combination for me! The method, how Jan puts it together making it look so simple and the powerful, positive affect it’s had in my life has been such a blessing. I am surprised at the simplicity and the ability to get directly to the heart of things. Thank you Jan for your enthusiasm and dedication to make this life-changing work available to others."

Karen B., Colorado

Great Results After Two PSYCH-K® Sessions

"I have now had 2 sessions with Jan. I am thrilled to share that in the first session, I felt years of built-up emotional trauma and beliefs leave my body, and instantly felt a great deal lighter. I felt calmer, relaxed, and more centered than I ever have after a traditional talk-therapy session. I have a difficult time feeling comfortable and trusting people, after being hurt by being so open in my younger years, but Jan is definitely someone I have felt safe with from our very first virtual connection! Thank you, Jan, for providing this wonderful, easy peasy way of releasing what no longer serves us, Hugs!"

L.J, Ontario, Canada

Transforming Limiting Beliefs: A Client's Perspective on PSYCH-K®

“I’ve done much work on my thoughts and beliefs over the years, so I'm familiar with the necessity of getting to the core unconscious beliefs that are causing pain, if one wants to truly change things. And this isn’t a simple thing to do, given our years of conditioning and the knottedness and layers of our unconscious belief systems. Jan is gifted in listening attentively and in hearing one's whole message - both spoken and unspoken - and is able to zero in on the the root beliefs/issue with precision. From this place of clarity, I’ve been able to craft new, positively worded beliefs that feel just-right inside me. I’ve had three PSYCH-k® sessions with Jan and have noticed a real difference in myself and my interactions with others. It’s the simplest and quickest way to shift limiting beliefs that I’ve experienced. Thank you, Jan!"

S.B, Ontario, Canada

From Obstacles to Lightness, Uncovering Inner Power with PSYCH-K®

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for offering me a trial session to experience PSYCH-K®. It didn’t take me long to come back and have another session with you. I feel like what we are able to accomplish in an hour is remarkable. Your ability to help me dig deep to get to the root cause of the underlying issue, all the while holding a safe and supportive space is profound. There are so many healing modalities available and for me this is a favorite. Thank you again for the lightness I feel and the statement that is my reminder I have overcome another obstacle."

Barbara, Chicago, USA

Transformative Sessions with Jan: A Journey to Powerful Change

"I have had 3 sessions with Jan and with each one, I was amazed at how very effective they are. Jan is so adept at guiding and helping me to see just what I need in that session for my “statement”. And then the days and weeks following each session..watching how beautifully my statements unfold in my life. I am so grateful to Jan for her knowledge, inspiration, and guidance. And, I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to make some simple, yet powerful changes in their life!"

Isabelle, Scottsdale, Arizona